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    the Andes

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    Varities: Dagen

    Case: Wide: 30cm
    Long: 50cm

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  • Desde el pié de
    Los Andes

    ciruelas secas

    Embalaje: Cajas de 30x50cm

    Peso neto por caja: 7kg

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La Ciruela

Our region has a great advantage for cultivating first class plums. The combination of the climate condition and the clay soil, rich in humus gives as a result a perfect condition for the plantation of plum trees giving us a first class quality product. out methods of collection and freight have been meticulously studied to keep the hight quality of our fruit up to the destination point.

Average weight per plum is 65 grams.

The contrast between bitterness of the skin of the fruit and the sweet pulp makes the suitable as ingredient.

Hand-picked harvested, guarantying that the outer wax that covers the plum gets pristine.

La Ciruela

Plums lay under the action of the sun during several hours, this process of natural dryness allow us to control with accuracy the ideal point of dryness to keep the flavours and nutrients of the plum. Our premises allow us to dry up to xxxx kg per week, keeping the plums in a high quality to the consumer.


Cosechada y exportada desde Mendoza

Located at the Botton of the Andes, in Argentina, Mendoza characterizes for its dry semi warm weather, rainfall is scarce but get frequent during the winter season. This unique climate allows the development of agriculture almost free of chemicals.

Farms in Mendoza are watered by thaw from the Andes giving the fruit a unique pure flavor.

Contact information

Jose Mauricio Martinez
Patricias Mendocinas 610
Piso 07 oficina 06
Ciudad - Mendoza - c.p. 5500

Teresa Garcia
Av. Alvear Este 364
General Alvear - Mendoza - c.p. 5620


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